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Bodhicitta Dakini Monastery

Join us In Making A Socially Engaged Monastery and Retreat Centre

Be part of the Growth of Buddhism In the West, Help us Build a monastery and haven of Peace For socially engaged Buddhists –
Comtemplation, community, monasticism, Sustainability

We are going to create a small scale monastery 2.5 hours from Sydney near the Blue mountains as a haven of peace in a troubled world, a place for Western monastics in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition to train and keep Vinaya, a place for lay people to do retreat and a place for activists to rest.

There are currently no monasteries in our tradition in Australia that do not charge monastics and we have a 75% disrobing rate due to lack of support. There are only approx 3 monasteries in the world that support Western Tibetan Buddhist monastics without charging, even though monastics offer a great deal of unpaid service to the community in the form of teachings, yoga classes, admin and pastoral care.
The world is increasingly conflicted and places of peace, clarity and sustaineable living are havens of peace, sanity and offer a refuge to go deeper and connect with a more meaningful way of living and to connect with altruism, spiritualty and community.
The name of the monastery will be Bodhicitta Dakini Monastery and we need approximately 250- 400k AUD to build it.
We currently have 100k AUD to start and need more to buy a simple property of around 20 acres.

Many people have been donating to help the Tibetan community for many years, which is wonderful, but these communities are now well established. Western nuns, and female teachers in particular have largely been excluded from traditionally been excluded from monastic institutions dominated by men of a particular ethnicity or tradition. Its time to empower women and bring the Dharma to the West as well as honoring our Tibetan Teachers. If you really believe in gender equality and supporting those who are socially ebgaged and giving to the community here is an exciting oppportunity to be part of the growth of Dharma in the West and to support women in Buddhism.
Acc No Kalyanamitra Fund
Bank/state/ branch no : 633000
International SWIFT code: BENDAU3B
Bendigo bank, Strathfield NSW Branch

Bodhicitta Foundation India

Bodhicitta Foundation is a socially Engaged Buddhist Charity Helping Empower Poor Women and Children In India. If you would like to donate to help Indian slum people and other socially engaged Buddhist projects and AID you can donate online at http://www.bodhicitta-vihara.com. All donations to our Indian social work are tax deductable in Australia.


Bank: Bendigo Bank
AC name: Bodhicitta Foundation
AC number: 153131719
Bank State Branch: 633000
International SWIFT code: BENDAU3B